Meetings, Bird Walks, Field Trips

All MVAS general meetings, bird walks and field trips are canceled until further notice.   Work in progress includes an online bird identification class and a presentation by recipients of the Bischoff Scholarship of their activities.  Updates will be posted on,  Facebook, and will be sent to members via email.

National Audubon outreach to chapters during national shutdown with online programs

In these troubled times, it is reassuring to have National Audubon Society to help local chapters navigate the uncertainties confronting us.  A major challenge for us all is to stay involved with our love of birds in the absence of local activities that we have all come to take for granted.  To this end, on the National Audubon website there is a section that has many articles to help the lonely birder. 


Within that section is an article that directly addresses the issue of local chapters needing help with outreach to their members.   "13 Virtual Bird and Conservation Events to Tune In to This Spring" gives brief descriptions for online events, mostly sponsored by local Audubon Chapters throughout the country, that are open to the public and can be accessed via computer.  Although some have already taken place, copies of their video conferences are still posted. There are many that are ongoing.   Its address is:


For members with elementary aged children or grandchildren Audubon has a site attractive to kids:  It has downloadable magazine, projects, drawing exercises and more.

And, from 

On 9 May, birding’s biggest day is back! 

Global Big Day is an annual celebration of the birds around you, and this year is no different. While not everyone may be able to leave home to bird this year, Global Big Day is still an opportunity to check in with the birds in and around where you live. Join us on 9 May and be a part of a global birding community by sharing what birds you see around you with eBird. 

Participating is easy. Wherever you are, you can be a part of the global community of birders on 9 May. Please remember to always put safety first and follow all local safety guidelines and closures. You can enjoy birds from inside your home and still be part of Global Big Day.    More on