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About Us


Officers & Board 2023

​President: Elaine Stachera Simon   

Vice-president: Mark Ryan

Secretary: Cheryl Fallstead 

Treasurer:  Diane Moore

Directors (8 elected, with three year terms)  

Director 2021-2023: Dylan Osterhaus 

Director 2021-2023:  Trish Cutler  

Director 2022-2024: Sid Webb  

Director 2022-2024:  Gill Sorg

Director 2022-2025:  Sid Webb

Director 2023-2025:  Annie Mitchell

Director 2020-2022:  Marcia Wilson

Director 2023-2025:  Linda Miller

Committee chairs 2021:

Conservation: Trish Cutler

Education: vacant

Programs: Vacant (currently filled by president)

Newsletter: Sid Webb 

Website:  Sid Webb

Membership: Annie Mitchell

Field Trips:  Vacant

Adopt a  Spot:  Aaron Lucas

Butterflies and Moths: CJ Goin 

Christmas Bird Count: Mark Pendleton

Facebook administrator: Elaine Stachera Simon

Climate Watch Coordinator:  Mark Pendleton

Finance Committee:  Diane Moore, 

Where openings occur, MVAS members interested in helping are encouraged to contact the President or board members.


1979 Charter

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