Name That Bird

Bird identification is a high-priority issue for Mesilla Valley Audubon Society members. Name That Bird features some puzzling birds caught on camera by our members, and is a popular feature of our Roadrunner Ramblings newsletter. It will now appear on the MVAS website every two weeks. All visitors are invited to identify the bird in the photos below. To compare your answer, click on the image to read how MVAS Vice President Mark Pendleton and the other two panelists identified them, as well as learn more about each bird.

Be sure to check back for updates. Have fun!

Do you have a bird you need help identifying? Can't crack the mystery? If so, email a photo (.jpg or .pdf) of the bird with a short description of when and where you saw the bird, and any clues about its behavior that could assist the judges. Email Mark Pendleton at Be sure to put "Name That Bird" in the subject line. 

July 23, 2021

July 23 bird 2_edited.jpg
July 23 bird 1_2.jpeg

July 10, 2021

NTB202107101 Image #1.jpg

June 18, 2021