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Bird identification is a high priority issue for Mesilla Valley Audubon Society members.  This webpage will feature description of some puzzling birds caught on camera by our members.  The "Table of Contents" will show photos with a reference to the "Name that Bird" article describing them, but without naming the bird in question.  All visitors are invited to identify the bird in the photo and then go to the article and compare their answer with that of Mark Pendleton and his three associates.  Additions to the list will appear every two weeks.   A description of how you can participate appears below the Table of Contents and Name that Bird articles.  Have fun.

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Name That Bird-- ARTICLES




MVAS Launches new outreach project for bird identification.


"Name That Bird'' the popular Roadrunner Ramblings feature in which you send photos of birds to a panel of experienced MVAS birders to identify, is expanding. In addition to the regular quarterly installment in the MVAS Newsletter, it will now also appear biweekly via email and this web page.  

The first bi-weekly installment is scheduled to appear on Friday  June 18, 2021.


For that to happen, we need photos.  Please email your photo(s) to: and be sure to put Name That Bird in the subject line. The deadline for receiving photos is the end of the day on Monday 14th June. 

Please also include any relevant information that will help identify the bird(s). This would include where and when the photo(s) was/were taken, what you believe the bird/s to be and anything else about the picture(s) you can share.  


Thank you, stay safe and:

Bird On!                                                                        



Mark Pendleton

Vice President

Climate Watch Coordinator

Fieldtrip Coordinator

Mesilla Valley Audubon Society



First installment scheduled for Friday, June 18, 2021.  Keep checking