While most images of our avian friends are photographs, some of the most striking presentations come in the form of paintings.  Mesilla Valley Audubon Society received a gift from painter Jane Madrid with instructions that we use them to help with fundraising.  WOW!  Thank you very much, Jane Madrid!   We now have 10 bird paintings that are beautiful and available.  They are posted on this webpage as we decide how best to distribute them and enhance the MVAS financial situation.


Jane Madrid's artistic bio reads as follows:

Jane H. Madrid, an oil and acrylic painter, studied under numerous renowned certified decorative artist masters from around the country.  Jane's major artistic themes center on nature, with a particular emphasis on animals, flowers, birds, butterflies and landscapes, with the interaction of these within the environment.  She has lived in Las Cruces since 1959.


In the attached file the paintings are presented for your viewing (link to paintings).  At the end is a list of prices suggested by the artist.  These paintings will be made available after the ceremony at  Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park on January 14, which begins at 11:00 AM when there will be a Ribbon Cutting transfer of the Bird Blind built by MVAS to New Mexico State Parks.  After the official ceremony, there will be an auction of all 10 paintings in one of the park classrooms.  Everybody will be welcome.


If you have questions or suggestions, or if you would like to make an online bid on any of these paintings,  please fill out the form below and we will respond to you.  No distributions will be made until we have our in person gathering in January.


Sid Webb

1/9/2022 NEW Paintings

Recently, another donor presented MVAS with 4 more paintings.  Information about the artists is not available at this time.  They will also be made available at the ceremony on January 14 at Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park and can be viewed here with the other paintings (see link, above).

Sid Webb

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