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National Audubon Society

2019.  The National Audubon Society (NAS) reasserted its primary interest in conservation with the publication in September 2019:  Survival by Degrees:  389 Bird Species on the Brink (  This article puts Audubon clearly in the position of strongly asserting its longstanding values and demanding action by all of us to do everything we can to address Climate Change.  In addition to spelling out the dangers to North American birds, the NAS encourages local action be combined with vigorous public  pressure on government agencies from local to national to be sure we are doing all we can to avert the many species extinctions that will confront us as temperatures rise.  This is National Audubon Society at its best!

2022:  In 2022 National Audubon launched its Migratory Bird Initiative.  This is a natural step beyond the Survival by Degrees of 2019, with the organization taking advantage of further studies and developing more advanced strategies to reverse the ongoing bird population loss.  The initiative is featured on their updated web page:   (

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