We have started with a website section Name that Bird that encourages members to submit photos of birds they have seen and ask for help in species identification.  Mark Pendleton has stepped forward to help with the "Bird ID" that follows.  This section will be updated approximately every two weeks, pending submissions from interested parties, and will have a place on our quarterly newsletter as well.  Submissions should be sent to Mark Pendleton, as described in the page introduction.  Click box to open section:

MVAS Community Photographs is a section that will welcome bird photos by anybody with interesting bird photograph(s) they took in the course of their activities, whether in their backyard, on a bird walk locally, or during a faraway vacation.  Accompanying comments describing the circumstance that made one's photo special are welcome. 


The photos appearing in the current section are from a MVAS Monthly meeting in December 2020.  If there is enough interest, we would like to repeat the program with photos from 2021.  If you would like to share your photos, submissions should be sent to the MVAS  website manager, Sid Webb, at  Submitted photos may also be used in the quarterly Roadrunner Ramblings newsletter.  Click the box below to open section.