MVAS bird walks

Mesilla Valley Audubon Society hosts bird walks throughout the year. Our bird walks include a group leader and usually two to ten others. The group leader is a chapter member who is chosen for his/her knowledge of local birds and experience with groups. The participants are of all skill levels and need not be Audubon or chapter members. These are a fun, easy way to enjoy your hobby with other enthusiasts. The birds change with the season, so returning to a spot you enjoyed previously makes perfectly good sense. 

The list below includes our currently scheduled locations for bird walks. Many enthusiasts like to prepare for their experience by checking with to learn what birds are frequently seen at the walk location. Just click on the eBird links below for this information.


Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park Second Saturday of the month. Meet at the visitors center at 8:00 AM. CJ Goin is the guide.  Check the website calendar and our Facebook page to confirm upcoming dates.  Recent species data:   Mesilla Valley    

Tellbrook Park Although labeled as beginners' bird walks, they are open to everybody and there's usually an interesting assortment of birds. Walks are on the third Wednesday of the month. Meet at the park entrance at 7:45 AM.  Wayne Treers is the guide.  Check the website calendar and our Facebook page to confirm upcoming dates. Recent species data:  Tellbrook Park     

Leasburg Dam State Park  The Leasburg bird walks will resume on August 24, and then on 9-21, 10-19, 11-16.  Meet at the main visitors center at 8:00 AM. Check the website calendar and our Facebook page to confirm upcoming dates.  Recent species data:   Leasburg Dam State Park,


Birding on your own

If you are planning a bird walk on your own, is a great starting point. eBird has identified multiple "hotspots" in Dona Ana County that serve as birding areas and are open to the public. By visiting eBird and searching hotspots in Dona Ana County, you can explore the birds found there and see pictures and bird descriptions to help with identification. Directions via Google Maps can be found there, too. Dona Ana County,

Always remember to dress appropriately for the season, wear sunscreen, and bring water with you. And don't forget to have enough gas in the car! 

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